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Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette

Are you a sports car enthusiast looking for a luxurious ride to experience Dubai in style? Look no further than the Chevrolet Corvette rental offered by Octane. Our rental service provides an unforgettable experience for customers who seek luxury and performance in one thrilling package.

Car Features
A luxury sports car rental with a number of useful features and many advantages will make your holiday in Dubai even more unforgettable and bright.

Car design:

2-door convertible body style
Can accommodate up to four passengers
Sleek and elegant exterior design
Car performance:

Equipped with 8 cylindrical petrol engines for maximum power delivery
Generates an impressive 460 horsepower
Accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds
Superior handling and control
Car technology:

Features a 12-inch diagonal display for infotainment purposes
Comes with a removable roof panel for added convenience and versatility
HD rear vision camera for enhanced safety and convenience
Equipped with a cruise control system for a more comfortable drive
Navigation system to help you get around the city with ease
Climate control to ensure maximum comfort for all passengers
Why hire the Chevrolet Corvette 
Renting a Chevy Corvette  is the perfect way to experience the city’s beauty and luxury in a thrilling way. Our rental service is ideal for those who want to attend events, parties, weddings or take a tour of the city. You can also rent the car for recreational purposes like photo or video shoots.

Rental Cost
We offer competitive pricing for the Corvette rental. For just 1500 AED per day, you can rent this luxurious convertible sports car and explore Dubai in style. We also offer multiple day rentals.

Rental Requirements
To rent the Corvette C8 in Dubai, you must fulfill our rental requirements. Tourists must present a single copy of their ID card and driving license, while international tourists must present their passport and an international driving license. All renters must be at least 21 years of age, and we require a security deposit that will be returned to you after the car is returned.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to drive the iconic Chevrolet Corvette  in Dubai. Contact us today to get your unforgettable experience!


year 2022
doors 2
gear Auto


  • Bluetooth
  • Multimedia Player
  • Central Lock

Color of car

Daily rate

1500 AED

2000 AED

Booking this car

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Have Any Questions?

How much I will be charged for crossing salik gate?

You will be charged AED 5 upon crossing every salik (toll) gate. You will be billed at the end of your rental duration. The salik amount may be deducted from your security deposit or you can pay for it separately.

What type of vehicle insurance will I receive by default?

As per RTA, we provide you with comprehensive insurance. This means that by default, you are covered incase of an accidental damage provided it isn’t your fault. A police report must be obtained at the time of an accident. Your rental amount includes basic coverage.We can also provide CDW (collision damage waiver) for an additional charge. This covers you for any accidental damage by your own fault as well. However, a valid police report is still required for coverage.

Do you require a deposit to rent a vehicle?

Yes. Your deposit type, amount and method of payment will vary by agreement type.

What is the minimum age limit to hire a car in the UAE?

The legal age to rent a vehicle (car, van, pick-up truck, SUV or any other) in the UAE is 18 years old.

Documents required to hire ?

For Tourists visiting UAE

- Copy of Passport

- International Driving License

- Copy of Visit Visa/ Visa Stamp

For UAE Residents

- Copy of Passport

- UAE driving License

- Copy of Emirates ID

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